4 Steps Every Business Should Take to Protect Confidential Information

If 2023 is THE year that your business is going to maximize protections for confidential information, make sure you have the following four areas addressed:

  1. Non-disclosure agreements (and non-compete and non-solicitation agreements) protect confidential information because they impose contractual restrictions on what employees can disclose to third parties. These are the first documents that courts look at when a company attempts to obtain an injunction preventing a former employee from disclosing their confidential information.
  2. Mobile device management (MDM) software protects confidential information because it prevents employees from forwarding, downloading, or taking screen shots of confidential information from their devices.
  3. Network behavior analysis (NBA) software protects confidential information because it alerts your company if an employee is attempting to engage in a prohibited action, such as plugging in an unauthorized USB drive or downloading large amounts of data.
  4. Employee training helps to protect confidential information because it educates employees on what the company considers confidential, company confidentiality policies, and the consequences of violating those policies.

Leiza Dolghih is the founder of Dolghih Law Group PLLC.  She is board certified in labor and employment law and has 16+ years of experience in commercial and employment litigation, including trade secrets and non-compete disputes. You can contact her directly at leiza@dlg-legal.com or (214) 531-2403.

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