New Local Rules in the Northern District of Texas

NDTXThe United Stated District Court for the Northern District of Texas has recently amended its local civil rules.  The amended rules become effective September 1, 2019 and contain the following changes:


LR 5.1 Filing and Serving Pleadings, Motions, or Other Papers. [REPEALED]

* * *

(d) Serving by Electronic Means. Delivery of the notice of electronic filing that is automatically generated by ECF constitutes service under Fed. R. Civ. P. 5(b)(2)(E) on each party who is a registered user of ECF.

* * *

LR 7.2 Briefs.

(a) General Form. A brief must be printed, typewritten, or presented in some other legible form. The brief must be on an 81/2-by-11 inch page. The font size must be 12-point or larger. The text must be double-spaced, but quotations more than two lines long may be indented and single-spaced. Headings and footnotes may be single-spaced. Margins must be at least one inch on all four sides. Page numbers may be placed in the margins, but no text may appear there.

LR 7.4 Certificate of Interested Persons.

The initial responsive pleading or motion filed in lieu of a responsive pleading that a defendant files in a civil action must be accompanied by a separately signed certificate of interested persons that complies with LR 3.1(c) or 3.2(e). If the defendant concurs in the accuracy of another party’s previously-filed certificate, the defendant may adopt that certificate.

LR 11.1 Electronic Signature. [REPEALED]

(a) What Constitutes Electronic Signature. The signature of an attorney who submits a pleading, motion, or other paper for filing by electronic means is the login and password issued to the attorney by the clerk.

(b) Requirements for Electronic Signature. An attorney who submits a document for filing by electronic means must place on the document an “s/” and the typed named of the attorney, or a graphical signature, in the space where the attorney’s signature would have appeared had the document been submitted on paper.

LR 62.1 Supersedeas Bond. [REPEALED]

Unless otherwise ordered by the presiding judge, a supersedeas bond staying execution of a money judgment shall be in the amount of the judgment, plus 20% of that amount to cover interest and any award of damages for delay, plus $250.00 to cover costs. The parties may waive the requirement of a supersedeas bond by stipulation.

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