Trade Secrets Protection

Every successful business has trade secrets. It is the “secret sauce” and the “know-how” that gives a company advantage over a competitor and can include the following types of information:

  • Methods, techniques, processes
  • Formulas, programs, patterns, devices
  • Financial data and 
  • Client and potential client lists

Companies must protect confidentiality of their trade secrets through well-thought out processes and, when necessary, legal action against persons who take trade secrets without authorization.

I help businesses:

  1. Identify trade secrets and create a framework of confidentiality measures to protect them
  2. Audit the existing framework of confidentiality measures and create a 360-degree protection 
  3. Investigate misappropriation of trade secrets
  4. Prosecute misappropriation of trade secrets in court

If you need a consultation, call (214) 939-4458, email or fill out the form below:

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