Non-Compete Agreements

In Texas, unlike some other states, non-compete agreements are enforceable. If you have shared confidential information with your employees, paid for their specialized training, or have shared your company’s goodwill with these employees, then Texas law allows you to protect your business by asking them not to compete with your company for a certain period of time after they leave. The key is to make sure that your non-compete agreements are reasonable.  If the non-compete restraints are not reasonable, you: (1) will not be able to recruit top talent and (2) will not be able to enforce the agreement in court.

I help companies and businesses:

  1. Assess whether they need non-compete agreements or other types or protective agreements
  2. Identify key employees that need to sign non-compete agreements and the length/geographic area/scope of such agreements
  3. Draft non-compete agreements 
  4. Audit the existing non-compete agreements and determine whether they comply with the current non-compete law
  5. Recommend other measures that will help business protect their investment in key employees
  6. Enforce non-compete agreements in court

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