How Enforceable is a Non-Compete? and Other Top Google Questions Answered

How enforceable is a non-compete?  Generally speaking, non-compete agreements are enforceable.  Is a non-compete valid if you are fired? Usually, yes.  Do non-compete agreements hold up?  When written correctly, yes. How long does a non-compete agreement last? As a general rule, non-compete agreements that last two years or less are considered reasonable. 

2018 Mid-Year Non-Compete Laws Update

More and more states are amending their non-compete statutes to make them more employee-friendly.  This trend, spurred by the White House report on the effect of non-compete agreements on competition and the revelation that some of the largest  employers, like Jimmy John’s and Amazon, were requiring their sandwich-makers and warehouse employees to sign non-compete agreements, has continued into 2018. 

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