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5 Common Mistakes That Companies Make With Non Disclosure Agreements

Whether you are talking to a potential buyer of your company, an interested investor, or a joint venture partner, before any confidential information is shared with that person, they should execute a Non Disclosure Agreement, often referred to as “NDA.”  The NDAs are very…

A Placed Employee Embezzles $15 Million. Is the Staffing Agency Responsible?

The answer, of course, is “maybe.” In this case, a staffing agency placed a receptionist with a company, who, after being promoted to the head of accounting, proceeded to embezzle $15 million in the course of eight years. When the company discovered the theft, it sued the staffing agency arguing…

Not Reading a Contract Costs a Party Half a Million Dollars

The Texas Supreme Court just confirmed what most of us already know – that you should read your contracts before signing them. In National Property Holdings, L.P., et al. v. Westergren, Westergren sold a piece of real estate to National Property Holdings (NPH) pursuant to a written agreement….

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