Litigation surrounding non-compete agreements in Texas has been steadily rising.   More employers are taking action to protect their business and their customer base.  Employees, on the other hand, often violate their non-compete agreements in order to advance themselves in a challenging job market.  The resolution of these competing interests often requires an intervention from a court either in a form of a temporary injunction for an employer or a declaratory judgment for an employee.

Ms. Dolghih drafts and defends non-compete agreements on behalf of employers.  As the law keeps changing, she keeps current with the most recent cases regarding this area of law and knows which language and requirements are enforceable and which are often disregarded by Texas courts.  She has strong track record of successful non-compete agreement litigation and is prepared to aggressively represent you as plaintiff or defendant.

Non-compete agreements are different from other types of contracts because they are governed by a specific statute – the Texas Covenants not to Compete Act – and because their enforcement often requires a temporary injunction and/or temporary restraining order – a process that is not common in regular business disputes. Having an attorney who is familiar with this process is key to obtaining a temporary injunction that adequately protects your business interests.

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