Non-Solicitation Agreements

For many businesses, departure of key employees is often followed by departure of key customers or leads. A well-drafted non-solicitation agreement can prevent this from happening and protect the company’s client base. Depending on the industry or the type of services that a business offers, a non-solicitation agreement (a promise not to solicit company’s clients) may be a better option than a non-compete agreement ( a promise not to compete with the company). 

I help companies and businesses:

  1. Assess whether they need non-solicitation agreements or other types or protective agreements
  2. Identify key employees that need to sign non-solicitation agreements and the scope of such agreements
  3. Draft non-solicitation agreements 
  4. Audit the existing non-solicitation agreements and determine whether they comply with the current non-compete law
  5. Recommend other measures that will help business protect their investment in key employees
  6. Enforce non-solicitation agreements in court

For information about Texas non-compete agreements, please click here.

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