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All reviews below appear on and were written by actual clients. 

Integrity to fight for justice. Our company’s reputation and livelihood was on the line. We knew we needed an intelligent aggressive lawyer that didn’t care only about the money but mainly about fighting for what was right. We weren’t her biggest client but she made us feel that we were. She provided guidance and support along the way and never backed down from the fight. Her expertise and wealth of knowledge in her field sets her apart from the rest. 

                                                                 – Jesse, Business Owner

“Grateful. I couldn’t be more grateful to have met Ms. Dolghih.  From the first meeting, she was interested in knowing my entire story and then formulated the most pragmatic approach to resolving the issues.  She loves her job and it shows.  I’ve recommended her to many colleagues and will continue to do so.” 

                                                                – Client, Physician 

“MD contract lawsuit. I hired Ms Dolghih on another lawyers recommendation because I needed someone to appear in court with me over a contract matter. She was always available, very responsive and very knowledgeable of the law and it reflected in my outcome. She traveled from her home to another city on several occasions for my lawsuit. I would recommend and/or use her again with no reservations.”

– Client, Physician

“Timely and Exact Counsel.  We cannot speak highly enough of Leiza’s work for our business. She was timely and exact in her advice and counsel. She made herself available when we needed it, which circumvented problems from a delay in our action to arising issues. She has our complete recommendation.”

                                                            – Dustin, Business Owner

“Excellent Attorney. Highly Recommend for Employment Litigation. As general counsel of a large staffing company, I have the need to hire outside counsel to handle employment litigation from time to time. In the matters in which we have hired Ms. Dolghih, she has always been professional, extremely responsive, and gotten a positive result for our company. She asks the right questions and works collaboratively to come up with a strategy that meets our goals of the litigation. She is very easy to work with, attentive to the details in the cases, and works quickly and diligently to get results. I will not hesitate to hire Ms. Dolghih again when other litigation matters come up at our company. I highly recommend her.”

                                                       – Shelby, General Counsel

“Best of the Best. I came across Leiza while doing research about Employment Law on the internet. I read her blog and found her comments on points and easy to understand. I retained her to review our agreements and she did a great job. I have since used her several times for Department of Labor in California and Oregon. She has represented my company in litigation against a fortune 200 and won the day. I do not give reviews lightly and give Leiza the highest possible rating. She is outstanding.”

                                                         – Scott, Business Owner

“An Asset to Business Owners. I initially engaged Leiza to represent my consulting firm in a very serious non-solicitation/non-compete suit. Her unmatched intelligence and substantial experience not only kept the malicious opposition at bay, but ultimately brought the results we needed for a successful resolution. As important was her clear communication and undivided attention to me and my company, which I admittedly needed during such a tumultuous time.  

Leiza has continued as an asset to my firm after successfully ending our litigation; shoring up an operating agreement in place before we were engaged, reviewing and revising proposals related to our consulting practice, laying the legal foundation and framework as I hire employees, and of course providing general legal counsel. 

In short, if you want the best, it’s Leiza, plain and simple.”

                                                       – Stefan, Business Owner

“A Great and Professional Lawyer. Leiza was awesome. Although it was a very stressful time she made everything much easier to deal with. She knew what she was doing and did a great job. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.” 

                                                       – Business Owner

“Professionalism At Its Best.  Leiza is thorough and precise in her communication and analysis. She has a very adept knowledge of labor law from both sides involving the rights of the employer and the employee. Her blog is extremely helpful in letting you gauge your position in several areas of the employment relationship. She is very skilled in the evaluation of non-compete agreements and this was the particular area I utilized her in. If you have an employment question I definitely recommend you contact Leiza.”

– Norman, Employee 

“Professional in a pinch.  I was in one of those situations where my back was up against the wall and I needed non-compete council quickly. Leiza took my call immediately and put me at ease. She then took my case, reviewed my documents and cleared up all of the confusion I had surrounding what my rights were pertaining to continuing to work after being threatened with a lawsuit. 

She was quick, thorough and was even willing to get on a call with any perspective employers to set them at ease about moving forward with me.

She is extremely easy to work with and very professional, I highly recommend engaging her for any employment matters you may have!”  

– David, Employee

“Best North Texas employment attorney to have your back! I’m an entrepreneur from out of state that was having to deal with an extremely broad and ambiguous non-compete agreement a big named North Texas executive had me sign after parachuting in to take over my company. Years after being “encouraged to resign” from my industry, Leiza stepped in and the big business scare tactics finally stopped. She’s incredible! You want her in your corner.”

– Blake, Business Owner

“A Pit bull in disguise. She knows when to tighten the grip to get things accomplished.”

– Jan, Employee

“Trusted legal advice. At a time when I was leaving a firm to pursue my own start-up, I found Leiza’s professional experience with non-competition and non-solicitation matters extremely helpful. Furthermore, her passion for understanding my needs — and the needs of my company — made all the difference. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a savvy attorney and knowledgeable business adviser.”

– Eric, Business Owner

“Excellent, a true top notch attorney.  I am a small business owner in Dallas and having a diligent and strong attorney is a must for me. Leiza has assisted with many facets of my business, from unemployment claims to employee documents and job requirements. Her knowledge has allowed me to push my business into an upward direction that also protects me as an owner. Leiza is very fast to respond to any of my questions or request, usually within the same day. Glad she is on my team!”

James, Business Owner

Professionalism at it’s best! Elisaveta was thorough, professional and caring. She took the time to explain everything and always allowed me to ask questions. She did exactly what she said she would do, she delivered.”


Leiza is great! Leiza is a great lawyer and is very knowledgeable and responsive when working with her. She has assisted me in a few corporate legal services and I will continue to use her services.”

Joe, Business Owner

Leiza litigates non-compete and trade secrets lawsuits in a variety of industries in federal and state courts. For a consultation regarding a dispute involving a noncompete agreement or misappropriation of trade secrets, contact Leiza at or (214) 531-2403 or fill out the form below.

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